DJ Lauren Comin’ At You Live!

One of the most fun and most difficult projects I’ve ever done. I taught myself how to use Ableton Live, then composed a medley/mix of songs I love and performed live.

A Disney World

If Disney World was the whole world how happy that would be!

We’d fly around with Peter Pan and swim with mermaids in the sea.

A magic carpet would take the rich and famous to wherever they wanted to go,

But the occasional hooligan, such as Aladdin would sneak on, a profile never low.

Buzz Light Year and Woody, partners for good, would always save the day

From dragons, villains, taxes, bosses, and being underpaid.

Pooh Bear would be there to make everyone feel better about all of life’s worries,

With Piglet and Tigger bouncing with laughter from telling funny stories.

And Alice would be there to explore and discover new realms of this whimsical world

Finding medical breakthroughs, a disappearing cat, and a stone once hiding a sword.

Love would prevail, for some that is, named Cinderella and Prince Charming,

But nothing lasts forever, and the strike of midnight would end up quite alarming.

There would be ugly people, shunned in society, such as in the form of a Beast,

But some see the heart, not outward appearance, named Belle, making shallowness cease.

People always want what they don’t have it seems, but maybe that’s just mermaids,

Cause Ariel wanted to be part of his world, rejecting where she once played.

There would still be loneliness, heartbreak, and loss, and Nemo surely knows this,

But companions can help, and compassion won’t melt away if you let some assist.

Some get left behind and get overlooked, take the Dalmatians and Oliver,

But if they stick together, they can get through it all, until the trouble’s all over.

And everyone would still be different, some Dopey, Sleepy, and Grumpy,

But that’s where the beauty exists in the world, the differences between everybody.

Timon and Pumba, outcasts in the jungle, would wander alone where they went,

But someone reached out, helping them feel accepted, seems Simba was Heaven sent.

And Mickey would make sure things ran smoothly and that everyone was getting along

But nothing is perfect, so in times of trouble, they would solve it with a song.

Look a little closer though at this magical place and similarities are seen,

Seems our world really is like Disney World, each of us part of one big dream.