Enlarging Your Living Space (Without Calling the Demolition Crew!)

One’s home should feel like an oasis, a place to relax with space to unwind after a long day at work. Unfortunately, life happens and often our home gets cluttered and can easily feel like just another work project. A crowded, stuffy place that probably correlates with your crowded schedule. However, with a few easy changes, that don’t involve tearing down a wall, you can easily make a living space appear larger, which means more room to breathe and an opportunity to actually enjoy the place that should feel like a luxury resort every single evening.

1. Pick the right color! I do love bold colors on the walls, but if you don’t want a room to feel like a dark box, there are guidelines for using them. Make sure there are windows and a lot of natural light in the room that you want to use the vibrant or darker color, such as the breakfast/kitchen area, rather than bedrooms with only one window. If you want to be on the safe side, stick to lighter hues, which gives the room a lighter feel and consequently more “room” to breathe.

2. Don’t be afraid of decorating the walls! And with that said, go big or go home (to your previous small room!) The larger the art pieces, the more magnificent the room will look. Try to stay away from filling a wall with numerous small pictures or paintings; one huge piece of artwork will do the trick. And hang it high! Not at eye level like you typically see. If you hang it higher, the eye will look up to view the piece, recognizing that the room goes well above what you usually see, which is at eye level and below.

3. Pick up that clutter! And in replace put a tall lamp, vase, or plant. You don’t need a lot in the room to prove that it’s large enough to fill, just a few large decorative items and let the rest be walking space! And like the wall artwork, think tall for one or two items per room! Also if you opt for larger decorations for the mantle and coffee table, you won’t be so tempted to get more, which can easily turn into looking like clutter.

4. Get the right curtains! If a window will fit a panel curtain, give it a panel. Valences are great for the window above the sink in the kitchen, but dress up that majestic window in the living room with majestic curtains! And bold colors are more than appropriate for the curtains; this will bring the eye to the window, thus recognizing the sun shining through to give the room an open feel.