Paloma Blanca: Originality at it’s Finest

Paloma Blanca, also located on Broadway, San Antonio, close to the intersection of Austin Highway, is definitely home to one of the tastiest margaritas I’ve found in San Antonio. Far from your typical Tex-Mex restaurant, Paloma Blanca features a slightly healthier menu, opting to get flavor from guacamole, fresh cheeses, and other vegetables rather than exclusively  heavy sauces found at most Mexican restaurants.

You also can’t beat a nice restaurant that has two dollar margaritas for happy hour either. Paloma Blanca features many common dishes such as enchiladas and tacos, but think shrimp and mushroom enchiladas with white wine sauce and tilapia tacos with avocado, cabbage, and mango salsa, just to name a couple plates out of many to distinguish originality. A favorite of locals with a prestigious palate, Paloma Blanca is a must-try cantina completely unique to San Antonio.

Tour the menu here!


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